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基於同樣的理念,亞康紡織醫材創立了"Comfort PRO 舒適專賣店",我們的目標是研發更多的醫療和美容紡織品,以在這二大領域裡以擔任輔助及協作效能的角色為己任,讓大家過上更加舒適的生活。"Comfort PRO 舒適專賣店"專賣那些能夠為身心帶來舒適感的產品。


Hello, we are Akang Textile Medical Supplies.
Our first product was developed to help those undergoing cancer treatment, as we deeply understand the pain and discomfort they may experience during the treatment process. We have developed Taiwan's first low-friction towel, which has received great reviews and encouragement. Our intention is to provide care for patients and we have been working hard to achieve this.

Based on the same concept, Akang Textile Medical Supplies has established the "Comfort PRO Comfort Store". Our goal is to develop more medical and beauty textiles, and to play a role as a supportive and collaborative partner in these two fields, allowing everyone to live a more comfortable life. The "Comfort PRO Comfort Store" specializes in selling products that provide comfort for body and mind.

If our products can bring a little comfort to your busy and stressful life, accompany you to overcome the challenges of a weakened immune system, simplify steps or provide assistance on the path to maintaining health and beauty, that will be the driving force for our continuous development. Your smile is our goal, and we hope to embrace a better tomorrow together and lend a helping hand to those in need.